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happy couple on the street laughing; image used for HSBC Mauritius online banking personal information page

Access a range of services online

Update your email address and mobile number held with us

Help us keep your accounts more secure

It’s important that your personal details are up to date to ensure we know how to contact you with important information related to your account.

Stay up to date on our latest offers and services

We will deliver them straight to your inbox.

Access and enjoy our latest services:

  • Email statements and advices

    Get your HSBC Account, Credit Card eStatement and eAdvices delivered straight to your e-mail inbox.

    Receive your eStatement and eAdvices instantly via e-mail at the moment it is generated.

    View your eStatement and eAdvices anywhere, anytime by accessing your email inbox.

    Ensure only you have access to your e-Statement and eAdvices. These will be sent directly to your e-mail in the form of a secure PDF attachment, which can only be viewed by using a unique encrypted password.

  • Instant local payments and transfers

    Register your HSBC Savings and Current Accounts to local e-wallet and access a range of services made available through MauCAS (Mauritius Central Automated Switch) Instant Payment System (IPS). Transfer funds instantly 24/7 to other local banks through your internet banking Local Instant Payment option. Learn more.

  • Credit Card SMS notification on selected online and overseas transaction

    Get free SMS notification helping you identify in case a credit card transaction is not made by you. Learn more.

How to update your contact details?

Via branches:

Step 1

Download and print the Contact Details form

Step 2

Fill in and sign the form

Step 3

Deposit at your nearest HSBC Branch

Via Personal Internet Banking:

Step 1

Log on HSBC Personal Internet Banking

Step 2

Go to Personal Details on the Quick menu

Step 3

Click on 'Send us a message'

Step 4

Select Personal Details Update in the New Message drop down menu

Step 5

Fill in your personal contact details to be updated in the template provided and click on Send

Via phone:

mobile phone