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International Banking /Assistance

Support for your international journey

We are here to help you settle into your new way of life. If you're about to start a new chapter abroad, we know there's a lot to think about. But, we'll help make your move as smooth as possible by providing assistance as follows:

Avail to worldwide support and emergency assistance

  • Access emergency encashment services within HSBC global network worldwide. Help is available in case you urgently require cash. Note that fees may be charged as applicable by the overseas HSBC bank.
  • If you hold a HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card, extra protection on your purchases and extensive assistance worldwide are within reach for medical, legal and essential services such as lost or stolen card, emergency card replacement and emergency cash disbursement. Find  out more

Tips and information to support your international journey

Overseas account

We can help you open an overseas account in more than 30 destinations around the world. You can start your international journey before you leave Mauritius and hence access your money as soon as you arrive in your destination country.

How to arrange for an overseas account before you move overseas?

Leave your details to let us know what you're looking for. We'll aim to call you on your preferred date and time.

You may also find out more information on where you'd like to open your new overseas account.

Opening an overseas account within HSBC global network will also facilitate your funds transfer:

  • to your overseas account from your local HSBC account
  • worldwide among your overseas HSBC account

You will save precious time as assistance can be provided to set up your account abroad even before you arrive in your new country/region.

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