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Mother and daughter painting a wall together; image used for HSBC Mauritius credit card support page.

Credit Card support

Measures and recommendations to assist you

With the exceptional situation over the last couple of months, we have implemented some measures and recommendations below to assist you until we resume back to normal activities.

Expired / Expiring Credit Cards

To enable you to continue paying for your purchases in store or online, we have extended the validity of all our credit cards for a further 2 months. So even if the expiry date on the card has passed, you will still be able to use them as before except for cash advances on ATMs.

Credit Card and PINs

In case of emergency or absolute necessity, you may request to collect your new or renewed credit card and PIN at any of our open branches. We kindly request you contact us 2 working days in advance to make the necessary arrangements for the card to be available.

Credit Card repayment

If you do not use automatic debit arrangement to repay your credit card, you may settle balance due as follows:

If you have accounts at HSBC, you can transfer funds to your credit card account:

  • By using HSBC Personal Internet Banking (if you are already registered to this service).
  • At any HSBC ATM.
  • From any other bank account to your account at HSBC or to your HSBC credit card account directly.

If you do not have an account at HSBC, you can transfer funds to your credit card account:

  • From any other bank account using that bank’s Internet Banking and /or Mobile Banking (when available) or at their counters.
  • Deposit cash at any of our branch.

Balance and statement enquiries

If you are registered to HSBC Personal Internet Banking, you can access your statement online or alternatively you can call us for assistance as there may be some delays in postal service deliveries. Balance enquiries can also be made on HSBC ATM.