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HSBC Personal Internet Banking - Client Charter

HSBC is committed to the security and quality of its Internet Banking Services and the support for it. Hence, our policies relating to all matters of Internet Banking Services are developed in compliance with all governing authorities.

We, HSBC, are committed to ensuring security, confidentiality and convenience when delivering our financial products and services to you on our website located at As our customer, you now have access to our Internet Banking Services which makes it easier and more convenient to undertake financial transactions.

With the convenience of the Internet Banking Service, we shall be able to deliver our financial services more effectively in terms of speed, reliability and quality.

Our Commitment to Security

The Bank is committed to ensure that your use of our Internet Banking Services is secured. Stringent policies and procedures are in place to ensure that the security infrastructure of our Internet Banking Services meets or surpass current industry standards. Security measures such as data encryption, dual authentication and firewalls, combined with our strict internal security procedures and policies, are some of the security measures that we employ to ensure that you may use our Internet Banking Services securely and safely. Our security measures are continuously being monitored and reviewed in our endeavour to benefit from the latest security technologies available. For more details please, Click Here, to refer to our Privacy and Security statement.

Our Commitment to Reliable and Quality Service

At HSBC, we ensure that the type of service we bring to you is what you need and appropriate. We do not 'overflow' our Internet Banking Service with unnecessary advertisements because we want you to focus on your banking properly. We will only offer functions that bring value and convenience to you. We ensure that the design is speedy, easy to use, follows normal flows and standard use of terminologies in line with customers' Internet Banking customary experience. The systems and technology we invested in are designed to be as robust and reliable as possible with sufficient backups in the event certain components fail. To provide reliable and quality services, we will ensure that all personnel and staff involved in providing these services have the necessary expertise and skills.

Our Commitment to Privacy and Confidentiality of Your Data

We adopt a strict policy in governing the way we use your data. We are committed that your data will not be used for any unauthorised, unlawful, unethical manner or in any way detrimental to you. Your data will not be divulged in any manner to unauthorised parties unless specifically permitted or authorised by you. System-wise, we employ the tightest possible security architecture complimented with strict security policies in the operation and protection of your data. We recognise that the privacy of our client's personal and financial information is a fundamental element of public trust and confidence in our online financial service. We are well aware of our customer's online privacy concerns and as such, adopt responsible privacy standards to provide our customers with privacy protections in the online environment. We take all reasonable precautionary measures to protect your personally identifiable information from loss, misuse or unauthorised access. For more information, please see our Privacy and Security Statement.

Our Commitment to Transparency of Products and Services

We ensure that that all information, terms and conditions relating to our products and services offered are accurately represented and promptly disseminated. We do not engage in purposefully deceptive, misleading or false representations with regards to the products and services that we provide. We ensure full compliance with the governing authorities in the imposition of fee and charges, where applicable. It is our policy that our customers are always given the option of not accepting any products and services or to opt out at any time you choose. We are also committed at all times, in ensuring that any disclosure of our products and services is fair and accurate.

Our Commitment to Prompt Response for Enquiries and Complaints

We abide to the philosophy that your complaints serve as impetus for us to improve. Accordingly, we have in place a 24-Hour Contact Centre to attend to your enquiries and a dedicated unit to look into all complaints and endeavours to resolve your complaint as promptly as possible. In any event, our policy necessitates us to revert to you within 2 business days from the day of receipt of your complaint. We welcome and encourage customer enquiries, feedback and complaints. These will help us identify and improve on any weaknesses in the services that we provide. In an effort to address any concern or answer any questions our customers may have, we endeavour to ensure that we have trained staff to provide a prompt and satisfactory response.